3D printed molds for small geopolymeric panels

A research on 3D printed molds was conducted in AMS premises in order these molds to be used for the production of panels made of geopolymeric paste for retrofitting of buildings.

A modelling simulation has been executed for the selected materials for 3D printing in order to:

  • Determine defects on design
  • Identify vulnerable areas of the mould
  • Visualise the behaviour of bolt’s area
  • Understand and evaluate the behaviour of material

Determine the 3D printing parameters

3D printed molds
3D printed molds 4
3D printed molds 3

Prior to any 3D printing operation, a 3D printing simulation with the aid of the appropriate software was performed in order to:

  • Determine defects on the printing files
  • Identify possible mistakes on the design
  • Establish the printing parameters (infill, support, bridges, layer height, etc.)
  • Identify conflicting points – areas

Indicate the optimal printing speed & other parameters such as filament retraction speed & distance, nozzles extrusion volume etc.

This research was realized in the framework of the EU funded project InnoWEE.