About Us

Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. is an SME, founded in 1999, establishing its current legal form in 2004 with the goal to provide state-of-the-art consultancy & technical services inextricably linked with the Research, Development & Production of novel energy efficient procedures & materials contributing to the constantly increasing demand of “eco-friendly”, energy efficient & “value for money” novel products to a rapidly forward moving world.


“Become a bridge between the human needs and the current scientific findings by transforming theory and research to useful applications”

Equality Opportunities for All

Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. meets the requirements of the Greek Legislation and the EU Directives for Gender Equality in workplace. The relevant documentation is available upon request.

Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. is committed to the principle of equality and equal opportunities in employment. We are opposed to any form of less favourable treatment or financial reward through any harassment, discrimination, victimization to employees or job applicants on the grounds of age, disability, marriage or civil partnership, gender reassignment, religion or belief, pregnancy and maternity, race (including nationality, colour and ethnic or national origin), sex, sexual orientation and to any form of less favourable treatment on these grounds. Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. recognize the legal obligations for the elimination of discrimination on the above grounds and for elimination of discrimination in pay between women and men who do the same work of the same or equal value or similar nature.

Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. is currently recruiting personnel for various job positions. Please send us your CV at info@amsolutions.gr.


Our company’s way of acting is the base of our philosophy, as well as the starting point of a harmonic and balanced collaborations: the respect towards our costumer’s demands, to whatever scale they that may respond is always particularly important and unique.

Human Resources

One of the major piles of our company’s philosophy, besides the appropriate technical & scientific knowledge we require from our personnel, is their ability to fully adopt & operate under complex & demanding environments, proving their professionalism, excellence & commitment to our common goals.

Guided by our experience, knowledge, expertise, the confidence to our abilities, but the most important to the ethic integrity of our staff, we are committed to create trustful professional relationships with our clients & partners which will be leading to a common success.


The last 5 years being active in FP7 European Funded Projects AMSolutions has participated in various Collaborative Projects with both industrial partners and Institutes from all Europe, mainly focused in energy efficiency either through the development of new materials or new processes with very promising results.

Also at National level our collaboration with the most technologically advanced Institutes and Universities in various fields e.g. novel raw materials, nanotechnology, industrial wastes’ exploitation, etc., is providing us the ideal environment to continue our R&D activities in parallel with the ongoing R&D executed in H2020 framework.

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