Energy Efficient Buildings

AMSolutions activities are focused on turnkey eco-solutions   improving the energy efficiency of the buildings. AMS is officially member of E2B. E2B association is the worldwide non-profit association about energy efficient buildings with aim to boost the collaboration among research centers, universities and industries in order to create solutions with social, technical and economical sustainability in the field of the creation energetically independent buildings. This cooperation will allow AMS to amplify and reinforce its collaboration with the biggest companies of its spectrum in a worldwide scale, in the field of research, development and solutions application referring to energy efficient buildings.

Click here to visit E2B official website.

Energy Efficiency Assessment

-Energy consumption monitoring

-BMS applications & integration

-Building elements monitoring & simulation modeling in materials & building’s energy behavior

-Data analysis and their interpretation either by modelling or by real time systems to BMS systems.

Energy Efficient Retrofitting Design

-Basic (architectural, structural) and advanced (E/M) design




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