Through all these years of R&D, our primary scope is to develop novel materials that will make our life better, reduce costs & energy demand, be eco-friendly & sustainable on time. We exploited novel processes, we recycled wastes, explore nanotechnology and we were able to produce:

  • Energy efficient mortars, limes & plasters
  • Smart paints, coatings & plastics
  • 100% eco-coatings
  • A wide range of “smart” additives for coatings, mortars, concrete, plasters, resins & PVC based in nanotechnology
  • A new generation of geopolymers
  • Soluble Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

Plastics & Construction and Demolition Wastes utilization in hot asphalt mixtures for paving urban roads/pavements


Nanotechnology is considered to be the heart of our research & operations. Having gained the past 7 years through our participation to several R&D Projects a wide range of expertise & know – how in nanotechnology we consider ourselves as experts in the field. Our extensive & systematic research in various types of nanoparticles & their combinations led us to develop various properties to existing or new materials, such as:

  • IR reflectance
  • IR absorbance
  • UV resistance
  • Acid & alkali resistance
  • Waterproofing
  • VOC elimination
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-molding
  • Self-cleaning
  • Self-healing
  • Odor control
  • Conductivity control
  • Radiation control
  • Photo chromatic

Being capable to produce in house almost all kind of nanoparticles in the desired granularity & its combinations, we continue to explore the fascinated world of nanotechnology, constantly working on & optimizing our formulations by testing & evaluating them to existing & novel materials.


Our materials characterization laboratory has been set up to provide high-specification testing and offer full characterization, i.e. micrograph, chemical composition, granulometry, phase identification, hardness, optical properties (UV / Vis / NIR reflectance), physical properties (porosity, water – oil intake, density, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, viscosity), mechanical properties (tensile strength, compression strength, bending strength), metallurgical properties (weldability, thermal transformations, phase analysis), risk characterization etc. based on the requirements of our customers.

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