Renewable Energy Systems


During the last decade, AMSolutions has focused its efforts towards the EU Renewable Energy Directives. Following all trends and developments in the field of Renewable Energy Sources technology, AMSolutions designs and implements Renewable Energy Systems through its participation in projects at European level.

The company designs, implements and constructs Renewable Energy Sources systems in buildings – new and existing ones – offering cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions.

This includes:

  • solar electric systems
  • wind electric systems
  • hydropower systems
  • geothermal energy systems
  • bioenergy systems

for power generation and heating.


Installation of customizable Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) by AMSolutions, in opaque surfaces of a building at the campus of the National technical University of Athens. Major parts of the building have been retrofitted with proper BIPV, followed by large demonstration runs and monitoring of the installed components for a period of one year.

The monitoring and assessment targeted aspects related to energy production, efficiency, loading, water tightness, fire resistance, condensation, temperature behaviour and installation safety.

(Construct-PV EU project – No 295981)


Research and development of new materials for geothermal heat exchangers, aiming at corrosion resistance at high temperature, thermal conductivity, strength towards abrasion etc. Towards this direction, AMSolutions develops sprayable silicon-based micro-coatings that are resistant up to 400 °C.